Thursday, December 10, 2015

Meet The Interns

Justine Ebbert:

During the Fall Semester of 2015, I have been interning at the Kutztown University Small Business Development Center. My responsibilities include managing all the social media accounts such as Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest while also assisting with the marketing portion of client consultation reports and recommendations. In addition, I am enrolled in four class towards my B.S. in Business Administration: Marketing with a minor in Spanish and a member of the University’s Track & Field Team. Being a student-athlete balancing class, practice, and this internship has helped me develop my time-management skills even further. Working along side with grad assistants and professionals to meet deadlines and help our clients has been a rewarding experience.

Marissa Fazekas:

These past four months of interning with the KU Small Business Development Center have gone quicker than I had expected. The opportunity I was given here to be an HR intern is one that I will forever be thankful that I had taken. I was able to be in the business environment and gain experiences that cannot be found in a classroom. I formed business and client relationships, experienced the professional environment, and I was influenced by business communication. As there are many Small Business Development Centers in Pennsylvania I was able to communicate and interact with business consultants through telecommuting and email. The clients that I had worked with alongside a consultant had confirmed my interest in being in a business career. There is nothing more rewarding than watching an individual make their dreams happen. To be an intern means you are willing to learn and to bring a sense of creativity into the environment. From research to job analysis to job descriptions, I was able to bring HR into the Small Business Development Center.

I will be graduating in the Spring of 2016 with my undergraduate degree in Industrial and Organizational Psychology. Following that I will be attending graduate school for Organizational Development and Leadership. The experiences I’ve had here at the Small Business Development Center will carry along throughout my life.

Blog post by Marissa L. Fazekas