Wednesday, August 13, 2014

A Scientific Guide To Writing Popular-- And Shareable-- Headlines for Twitter, Facebook and Your Blog

Your company has a Facebook page as well as a Twitter account, but not much action happens on either of these websites. You might just be asking yourself, "how can I write great headlines for social networks?" Fast Company, has found a scientific guide on great headline writing for Facebook, Twitter and even your blog. When it comes to Twitter, finding the right headline for your tweet is one of the most important tasks one must do. Come up with two headlines for an article that you think will perform well. Tweet both of these headlines roughly at the same time, but at least an hour apart. Compare the data and decide which headline to settle on.

After 200,000 link containing tweets were analyzed, tweets that contain more verbs and adverbs had a higher click-through rate as compared to noun and adjective heavy tweets. Another technique that is very successful is asking for a retweet. Tweets in timelines with an "ask to retweet" increased retweets by 311%. Curious to learn what the top 20 most retweetable words are and how to improve your Facebook posts? Click here.