Thursday, March 6, 2014

25 Ways of Gaining More Social Media Followers 
So you’ve done all the right steps in creating the perfect blog or social media profile site but you only have 12 followers. What’s the next step in getting more exposure and followers? Here are 25 great tips to gain more followers: 

1. Enable Social Sharing 
• Add buttons to your blog and other website pages that allow visitors to share your content on social sites. 

2. Share Quality Content
• If you have interesting content on your profile you’re chances of having more followers becomes higher. If your tweeting self-promoting posts, no one wants to read that. 

3. Get Employees To Follow
• People are more likely to follow pages that already have some sort of following, so your employees will help build those initial numbers.

4. Invite Partners, Vendors, Clients, and Customers
• Send a friendly, personalized, email to anyone you have a business relationship with. 

5. Email Signature 
• Add links to your company’s social media profiles in your company email signature. Create a signature template that includes these links and encourages your coworkers to use this signature as well.

6. Blog Comment Signature 
• When you make a comment on a blog post, link to your most active social media profile in a signature-like style. 

7. Include Links on Offers and Assets
• Link to your social media profiles on your whitepaper cover page, webinar thank you page, one-page guide footer, etc. 

8. CTAs onThank You Pages
• After a new lead fills out a form on your site, it’s a good idea to include links or calls-to-action on the subsequent thank you page encouraging these leads to follow you via social media. 

9. CTAs on Thank You Emails 
• Just like you’d add calls-to-action to your thank you pages, add them them to your emails. 

10. Cross Promote
•Add your social media links on each other’s pages. Example: add your twitter link to your Facebook page, etc. 

11. Contact or About Us Pages 
• Include links to your social media profiles on your contact us/about us page. The more visible you make your social media pages, the more exposure you’ll receive.

12. Business Cards
• Include links to your most active social media profiles on each of your employees’ business cards.

13. Newsletters & Lead Nurturing 
•Include links to social media profiles in the footer of any company emails. 

14. Direct Mail Assets. 
• Still using direct mail as part of your marketing strategy? If you can’t let go, include links to your social media profiles on any direct mail pieces you send, including catalogs, coupons, or any other direct mail asset. 

15. Facebook: Like Box on Website
• Install a Facebook Like Box (previously known as Facebook Fan Box) on your website, blog page, homepage, or any other high-trafficked page sidebars. 

16. Facebook: Hide Content From 'Non-Likers'
• Create a default tab on your Facebook business page that contains hidden from anyone who has not yet liked your page. This creates a great incentive for someone to like your page.

17. Facebook: Suggest to Friends
• Facebook gives the option to encourage users to ‘suggest to friends’ to share any Facebook business page with any of their friends who would be interested. 

18. Facebook: Invite Friends Tab 
• Add an ‘invite friends’ tab and periodically encourage your fans to head over to invite their friends who might be interested in reading your updates as well. 

19. Twitter: Twitter Directories
• Add your company’s Twitter profile to Twitter directories under categories that are relevant to your business. This will make it easier for prospects to find you based on their interests. WeFollow, Twellow, and Listorious are a few Twitter directories available.

20. Twitter: Add a Twitter Badge or Module
• Promote your Twitter profile on your website by finding a Twitter badge that fits your site’s design, or add an official Twitter widget to your site. Your blog page, homepage, and other high-trafficked page sidebars are good places to install a Twitter widget. 

21. Twitter: Talk to People Who Mention You
• Track your brand in social media using HubSpot’s social media monitoring tool or Google Alerts so that you receive notifications whenever someone mentions your name or brand. When they do, follow them and/or reply to their tweet. This is your opportunity to publicly show you are friendly and willing to talk with your customers about any questions/concerns they may have. 

22. LinkedIn: Add Links to LinkedIn Business Page 
• Add links to your most active social media profiles on your LinkedIn business page. You can add these links in the ‘about’ section. 

23. LinkedIn: Add Links to LinkedIn Profile
• Add a link to your most active social media profile in your links. You can optimize these links by clicking ‘other’ and write “Follow (Company Name) on Twitter” when adding your link to Twitter, for example. 

24. LinkedIn: LinkedIn Answers Signature 
• When you make a post or comment on LinkedIn Answers, link to your most active social media profile in a signature-link style or as one of the web resources. 

25.Youtbue: Embed Your Videos
• If a picture is worth a thousand words then how about a moving picture? Video blogging (sometimes called vlogging) is an established alternative to the written word, and it’s as accessible as it has ever been. There’s something about seeing a person on screen rather than just reading their words that creates a connection. If you have any videos to share, add them to your YouTube profile and then embed those videos on your site. That way people can discover your YouTube page, and you have potential to benefit from YouTube’s viral nature.