Thursday, February 27, 2014

How Small Business Owners are Wrecking Their Own Chances at Success

Early last week I was in a rush to get indoors and escape the bitter weather. By the time I had realized I was running on black ice, it was too late. I had fallen on the pavement and instantly was in pain from the hard fall. I was desperately in need of a doctor that was close by. The fastest option I could think of was to look online. After using a search engine for a mere 5 minutes I was able to get all the information I needed. I was able to see which doctors were in close proximity, read reviews from previous patients and was able to book my appointment. It doesn’t get much more convenient than this. With today’s technology we are given boundless opportunities allowing us to live in a fast-paced world that connects us all.

Small business owners may struggle in keeping up with all the demands of their company;  for many, if working alone, integrated marketing becomes neglected. There are endless advantages for businesses with the technology available today.  So why are so many of us fighting this when we should be embracing it! By making the decision to steer clear of taking your business online, you are missing out on many opportunities. 

Shockingly, a Yodle survey found — only 1 in 10 small businesses have taken advantage of social media or online advertising to market their product. 

• For more information on this survey click here.

So what are you waiting for? There are limitless chances awaiting your success online. All in which, helping you engage with not only your current customers but any potential customers as well. Remember — I became a new customer to a near by chiropractor after searching online. The doctor had appropriately promoted their business on a search engine site, showing the company’s legitimacy and contact information, making it effortless for me to book an appointment. 

  • Side note: The demographic of who your customers are, determines which online base you should be using. The most popular social media sites that can help get you started in the right direction are: 
    • Twitter
    • Facebook
    • Putting your business on LinkedIn
    • Getting a Yelp presence started
    • Angie's List (this site is specifically for publishing customer reviews) 
    • WordPress (this is a blog site that allows you to get started on creating a website for your company) 
These are just a few of the infinite options available. All are painless to sign up for and the best part of all, free!  
For more information regarding this subject, contact Kutztown's Small Business Center.