Monday, January 6, 2014

Turn Fear Into Success

Most view fear as a negative thing. But, for great leaders, they have learned to master their fears and use it to their advantage. Here are a few pointers on how to overcome your fears and turn them into successful situations according to Inc. columnists.

  1. Focus on the Essential. Bill Murphy begins to explain how petrified he was when he was about to take his bar exam, considering he didn't even study. He was too busy trying to build a company. He immediately received the exam, skipped what he didn't know and answered what he did know. During his breaks, he was on the phone with advertisers pushing them to sign deals. The results were in, Bill passed his exam and learned that fear can be an entrepreneur's friend. 
  2. Don't Let Fear Be Infectious. According to Eric Holtzclaw, the way you approach fear and uncertainty will also set the tone for your organization. Eric begins to explain how he lost two crucial employees in one week and his attitude towards that situation reflected on the entire staff of his organization. Instead of dwelling on the situation, he used the changes to improve the organization as a whole.
  3. Consider The Root of Your Fear. People fail to think about their first reaction which is usually the cause of fear in the first place. Perhaps you're afraid of flying, this is probably because you are forced to give up control. Same goes for being afraid of public speaking, perhaps you're insecure or feel as though you do not know enough information about your topic. According to Lee Colan, "when you stop to think about your fear, you can determine if your primary response is insecurity, sense of loss, need for control or discomfort with uncertainty. Once you honestly identify your primary response, you start to know your fear more intimately. Then, you can equip yourself with information and experiences to fearlessly manage change and achieve your goals."
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