Monday, January 27, 2014

The 9 Worst Ways To Start A Meeting

Your boss tells you to be in the office at 9am promptly for a business meeting this week. The day of the meeting arrives and you arrive in the office even before 9am. Your boss doesn't even get in the office until after 9:30am. By this time, you're beyond irritated. By avoiding these crucial mistakes, you can run the most productive meeting ever.
  • Not starting on time- Almost 40 percent of meetings don't start on time. Not respecting the announced starting time frustrates those who are punctual. One common reason why meetings don't start on time is because a lot of people spend the first few minutes grabbing a refreshment or socializing. This is important but not if it means starting the meeting late.
  • Skimping on refreshments- Researchers at Yale University studied the effect of holding a warm cup of coffee in one's hand. Physical warmth can make us not only see others as warmer people, but also causes us to be more generous, friendlier and trusting. *You may increase the level of camaraderie when coffee and snacks are offered before the meeting.
  • Not articulating the three most important items- Three key items one must articulate at the beginning of a meeting are stating the purpose or objective of the meeting, the benefits of attending and the desired outcomes.
  • Neglecting to define what kind of meeting it is- Keep in mind, there are multiple types of meetings such as:  decision-making, brainstorming, problem-solving, planning sessions etc. It's important to define what kind of meeting it is, which set the right expectations of everyone present and ensures the right participation.
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