Monday, January 6, 2014

6 Tech Debuts to Watch For in 2014

With 2013 soon coming to an end and 2014 being right around the corner, there are quite a few tech debuts you should keep your eye out for.
  • Curved phones. Samsung already has a curved phone on the market in Korea, but rumor has it Apple may just be working on a curved phone as well. The curvature works with the large screen so one can view images and read text easier. Also, the curvature design fits better into one's hand.
  • Small cells for wireless everywhere. These wireless receivers work like miniature cellphone towers enhancing signal wherever they are placed. For example, small cells will be placed in sports stadiums where too many connections usually weaken signals currently. 
  • Touchscreen tablets will be built into cars. The Tesla Model S is a prime example of this. The Model S features a 17 inch tablet-like-display in their automobiles.
  • Li-Fi. This technology transmits a frequency from the lights in a store to a shopper's smartphone app, almost like a GPS system. This will allow the company to target customers with appropriate marketing messages based on their location in the store. 
  • Pay by wireless. "When a customer enters a store, they can "check-in" using the PayPal app. Their phone will chime or vibrate to let them know they are connected. At check-out, a customer can just say they're paying with PayPal and the merchant can authorize the transaction--the customer doesn't even need to take out their phone."
  • Ubuntu Phone. The Ubuntu Edge will make its debut in early 2014. Ubuntu claims it's operating system will be faster than Android's currently and match up better with a Linux operating system. 
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