Thursday, December 12, 2013

Susan Says: Successful Marketing Starts with You

Perhaps you are just starting a business, what is the best way to get your marketing going quickly you might be asking? According to Susan Wilson Solovic, CEO of, she is confident you went into business because you are really good at providing a specific product or service and you believe you have an ability to deliver it better than anyone else. Your greatest marketing resource is YOU. Many entrepreneurs panic over how they are going to market their business. They don't understand that true marketing involves every aspect of business and there's no better salesperson than themselves.
  • Try Spreading The Word- Start-up companies have very limited budgets for marketing programs, so it's up to you to promote your business. Start networking immediately so you can spread the word about your business. Keep in mind, people like doing business with people they know and feel as though they can trust.
  • Give it Away- Many small businesses build customers by giving their product or service away. For example, Margaret McIntyre, CEO and Founder of Candy Bouquet, expanded her company by giving away candy bouquets to local businesses. This allowed for people to see her take on candy bouquets as compared to traditional flower bouquets, allowing for sales to come rolling in.
  • Names and Taglines- Unless you have a ton of money to build brand recognition, you should make sure the name of your company is easy to pronounce and says something about what it is your business does.
  • Be Consistent- Remember to communicate thee same marketing messages and branding cosistently throughout your organization. Potential customers need to connect with your messages numerous times before they start to notice you. By making changes constantly, it's going to take longer for people to hear you.
  • Create a Web Site- There is no excuse to not have a professional looking web site for your business.
  • Speak Whenever Possible- Last but not least, don't pass up any local opportunities to promote your business. This is a great way to establish credibility for you and your business.
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