Monday, December 9, 2013

America Runs on Starbucks, but New England Loves Dunkin'

Every Dunkin' Donuts commercial includes the line, "America runs on Dunkin." But is that actually true? The Boston Globe took the initiative and mapped out every single Dunkin and every single Starbucks in the country. After viewing the map, one conclusion becomes rather apparent:  both coffee empires dominate their home turf. Starbucks originated in Seattle, Washington while Dunkin' Donuts originated in Quincy, Massachusetts. Throughout the United States, there are 11,100 Starbucks and 7,200 Dunkins. Dunkin' Donuts has 10,000 stores in 32 different countries with sales reaching $9 billion while Starbucks receives $13 billion due to 20,000 stores on six different continents. Both companies seem to be in a race across the country -- each starting from it's respective coast and racing to the opposite coast.  Keep in mind, there's still an awful amount of open space in the United States. What if Dunkin' Donuts expanded to the West coast? Would they succeed like Starbucks has on the East coast? To continue reading about how these companies achieve success in different regions of the country, click here.