Wednesday, December 18, 2013

7 Things To Look For In Your First Hires

Hiring your staff is one of the most important parts of your start-up. They should ultimately be more like business partners as compared to workers. Hopefully they're just as passionate about your business as you are. You want someone that you can call up at 1am in the morning just to bounce a few business ideas off of. Here are seven things you should look for when starting to hire for your business.
  1. They can light their own fire. According to, employees who are self motivated are worth their weight in gold. These first hires of yours should have a pretty decent track record of motivation.
  2. They'll have your back. Trusting them is essential. You want to make sure you can trust your staff without any hesistation. 
  3. Someone within your organization referred them. Try reaching out to your network. Someone you trust should be vouching for your potential employees. Just remember to use your connections wisely. 
  4. They're sold on your mission. It is mandatory for your first hires to share your mission and vision. Try seeking out employees who think "if this were my company, what would I do?" mindset. 
  5. They're visionaries who get things done. Try to avoid hiring someone who has previously managed an executive team before. These individuals are more likely to delegate rather than get tasks done by themselves. You want someone who can demonstrate critical thinking skills and creativity as well.
  6. Thick skin is a must. Your employees shouldn't take things to heart. You work in a fast-paced environment and you don't want to have to worry about approaching every situation with a gentle hand. 
  7. Remember:  Low cost labor isn't always the cheap. Many owners make the mistake of hiring interns as their first staff of their start-ups. New employees need more training and guidance, leaving you in an awkward position. 
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