Friday, December 20, 2013

5 Ways to Get Your Small Business Prepared for the Holiday Rush

Every year, more and more consumers turn to online shopping when it comes to holiday shopping. According to a recent reporter from eMarketer, online shoppers will spend an astonishing $55 billion this holiday season in the United States. This statistic is up from 17% from last year, which proves that online sales during the holiday sales are on the rise. Ecommerce holiday sales are predicted to make up a quarter of all online sales throughout the entire year. Here are five ways your small business can prepare for holiday buyers:
  1. Be Organized. Make sure you keep your orders straight to ensure that your products don't get sent to the wrong customers. No one likes receiving items they never ordered. To improve accuracy, you can use spreadsheets and online tools to manage your sales, inventory and shipments.
  2. Stock Up on Inventory. Try to build your inventory of products before your customers buy them. If your products are made by hand, it will be beneficial to your sanity to make your most popular items ahead of time. Also try to analyze previous sales to determine which products to keep on hand as well as what quantities. 
  3. Communicate Shipping Deadlines. Make sure you communicate your shipping deadlines to your customers so they know when the last day they can order your product for Christmas. Your international orders should be shipped by December 7th and December 20th for first class mail. Also, try customizing your packaging with festive holiday themes and decorations that your customers will surely appreciate. 
  4. Offer Holiday Discounts. Attract new customers by offering coupons for discounts on your products or even free shipping. Customers love FREE! You can also contact your regular customers and give them special return-customer discounts to remind them to shop with you around the holidays. 
  5. 100 Percent Website Uptime. Be sure that your website can handle an increased number of high customer traffic. If your website goes down, you're losing potential sales. 
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