Monday, November 25, 2013

4 Social Media Lessons For Small Businesses From Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad is one of the most popular TV shows on television currently. An astonishing 10.3 million viewers tuned into the series finale.  Walter White, the main character, learns that he has terminal cancer. He decides to team up with Jesse Pinkman to create a meth lab in an RV. Many have followed his crazy journey from high school chemistry teacher to becoming a drug lord. I'm not saying I condone the manufacturing of an illicit narcotic either. There are a few tips you can learn from this illustrious villain, Walter White though.
  • Pick the most suitable platform(s)- Walter soon began to realized the demand behind creating a highly pure product. Eventually this caused him to move his operations from a raggedy old trailer to an underground warehouse retrofitted with an industrial laboratory. Why, you might ask? It was necessary to find a new base that would allow him to generate the most value for both his resources and time. *Small businesses MUST do the same. You must identify which social marketing platforms to leverage inorder to understand where to focus your time and efforts.
    • Ideas to consider when exploring multiple social media networks:
      • Which social media network(s) is my target audience using?
      • What are the limitations of popular platforms among my target audience?
      • Are these platforms receptive to the content that I can effectively produce?
  • Experiment and optimize your formula- Throughout all 5 seasons of Breaking Bad, Walter would constantly redefine his formula over and over again in response to setbacks, unexpected conditions and even just bad luck. *All social media marketing strategies are susceptible to extreme external conditions. Marketing strategies need to be continually redefined, optimized and even tested in response to these changing conditions.
    • Try to discover when your followers or fans are most active by varying the times of your posts.
    • Explore different social media platforms; perhaps your followers will be on multiple social media platforms.
    • Identify what kind of content produces the best engagement, you can do this by varying the type of content that is shared (info graphics, videos, text-only, etc.)
  • Select the proper Power Tools- After getting a grasp of your audience, you will need to update that arsenal of tools you have. For example, Walter abandons his old RV and moves into a state-of-the-art facility.
  • Watch and listen for opportunity... and competition- Walter constantly goes against all his competitors as well as imitators from season to season. Against all odds, he overcomes his foes and takes advantage of opportunities that were initially unseen. *Small businesses should strive to do the same thing. 
    • Try using social media to find opportunities such as:
      • Industry news and chatter
      • New expressed needs from your customer base
      • Customer service complaints against your competitors
    • Keep a watchful eye on competition by:
      • Listening for negative conversations involving your firm
      • Following executives at rival firms and industry leaders
      • Watching for new social media tactics that could be used against you
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