Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Why Email Marketing Is Small Business's Best Friend

Did you ever think that the most successful way to market your product or service was through a campaign? Are you aware that email campaigns are still a necessary part of any marketing toolbox and they may even drive more sales than social media campaigns? A recent study found that email marketing generated about 7% of new customers for online retailers while social media had only generated a measly 1%. This article insists that you should not deactivate your social media accounts, insisting that there is no one way to market online to cover every base of your organization. Think of social media as a bigger picture strategy whereas email marketing is used to gain short-term conversations. Make sure your company has a strategy when it comes to email marketing. Make sure you cater to your market, offer a variety of options such as allow them to choose whether they want business tips, tips about products or deals. This will allow you to discover what information is popular and allow your subscribers to remain subscribers. Read more about how to become successful in email marketing.