Wednesday, October 16, 2013

7 Tips for Emailing Extraordinarily Busy People

Your manager is always on the go and rarely ever in the office. Constantly emailing your boss can make you feel like you're rather annoying. Don't fret! Here are our top 4 tips you can implement to make sure you message gets across and you don't come across as annoying!
  1. Keep your emails concise and to the point. Remember, less is always more. Make sure you get your mail message across and don't ramble on.
  2. Make your subject line matter. We usually scan our inbox so having a brief headline will allow for one to open an email rather than allow it to remain unopened. For example:  "quick question-- can you help?" This is short and sweet and right to the point.
  3. State your most important ask up front. Make sure you alert your boss if the email is strictly for information purposes include something along the lines of "this is for information only-- no action required." Be sure to bold important details such as upcoming events.
  4. Time of the day is crucial. More than likely an email sent out on Friday afternoon will not get a response until Monday. The same concept applies for an email sent out in the evening; some supervisors may check their email regularly while others may not. Just keep this in mind before sending your next email.
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