Monday, October 7, 2013

3 Ways to Find the Right Employees for Your Small Business

We all know that hiring employees may not be the easiest task, especially for small businesses. Small business owners typically have a general idea as to what type of employees they want to work for their business. A startling 60 percent of small business owners state they have a difficult time finding the right skilled workers to work at their business. Perhaps your business receives multiple applications at a time, here are a few ways to find the right employees.

  • Show Them Why They Should Work For You-  You should show the candidate why they should work for your company. Provide them with some non-monetary reasons why working with you is a great decision they can make. Hiring employees requires more monetary investment than you can afford, more than likely. Try to attract them for reasons other than money.
  • Recruit the Best of the Best- Hiring the wrong person can and will drain your funds fast. One of the worst activities business owners can do is fire an employee. This is emotionally draining. So remember to be very picky when you recruit someone. You can't afford a bad hire.
  • Use the Right Hiring Methods- Placing ads for employment on websites such as Monster or Craiglist can bring in multiple applicants. Try using social media to attract attention for potential job offers, such as LinkedIn. You can hand pick candidates yourself.
*Remember, choosing an employee can be one of the hardest tasks a business owner can face. Click here to continue reading how to find the right employees for your business.