Monday, September 23, 2013

7 Ways Exercising Can Make You a Better Entrepreneur

Exercising is rather important to everyone's health. Finding time to exercise after a long, tedious day in the office might be a harder task than originally thought. According to Elizabeth Robinson, regular physical activity can help make you a better entrepreneur. Here are our top favorite ways that physical activity can help improve the overall well-being of your business.
  1. Build your network- Exercising can help you network with potential clients or even strengthen existing business relationships. Working out with someone allows for you to communicate in a different way than just communicating with someone over a cup of coffee.
  2. Get Your Creative Juices Flowing- Physical activity obviously tones muscles but also improves one's brain power. Perhaps try jogging before a brainstorming session, aerobic exercise increases cognitive function.
  3. Reduce Stress- Physical activity helps increase the production of endorphins and reduce stress hormones leaving you with a natural high. Working out can allow you to approach your work with an overall calmer mindset. Keep in mind, the more stress you have, the more unable you are to make rational business decisions.
  4. Confidence Booster- Robinson believes that by having a decent workout will translate into every aspect of your life, which will allow you to feel more accomplished with everything that you do. 
  5. Improve Your Energy- A study published in 2008 showed that inactive individuals complained of regular fatigue experienced up to 20 percent of increases in energy and 65 percent of decreased fatigue after participating in physical activity.
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