Wednesday, September 11, 2013

4 Tips To Make Your Employees Love Working For You

When potential employees begin to think of benefits offered, they automatically think of health insurance, retirement plans and paid vacation days. Businesses are beginning to realize that they can offer benefits that won't cost their company a dime and will allow their employees to continue to enjoy their job. This will allow for employee morale to become higher and create a less stressful environment in the workplace. Here are the top benefits to make your employees love working for you.
  1. Flexibility- Offering flexibility to your employees will help set your business apart from other competition. Allow for employees to leave early, arrive late or leave in the middle of the day for appointments can make their lives a little easier. You could also allow your employees to work from home sporadically. 
  2. Chill Out- Offer ways for your employees to relax during their hectic day and you'll earn their appreciation. 
    1. Offer free or discounted yoga sessions to your employees.
    2. Hire a masseuse to give out free massages for a day.
  3. Go Shoeless- Create a shoe-free atmosphere in the office. This will allow employees to feel comfortable in the workplace.
  4. Stand Up and Cheer- The best way to show your appreciation for a job well done is to thank the employee for all that they've done. This will help boost their esteem. Employees enjoy recognition for a job well done but not all recognition must be material or monetary.
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