Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The Secrets of 7 Successful Brands

Sometimes what helps make one business successful isn't necessarily what makes another succeed. You need to determine what is it that your business is lacking and how to improve it for the future. Warby Parker's brand, A Clear Vision, is an affordable eyeglass retailer has had its sales jump several hundred percent since its 2010 launch. The company designs stylish frames using premium materials and offering them at a consistent price. A program called "buy a pair, give a pair" that helps low-income consumers start their own businesses selling affordable glasses. Warby Parker is one of the world's only carbon-neutral eyewear manufacturers. Hanky Panky is a company started by two women taking a bold "by women, for women" approach. The company makes products that are feminine, flattering and meant to fit each customer comfortably. They promise to make women feel good about themselves, both in their underwear and about their sisterhood with other women who purchase from the brand. Employees communicate with customers and producing products with good value that will have customers coming back to buy more.

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