Thursday, May 2, 2013

How to Manage Introverted Employees

There are two personality types your employees can have. One is the extrovert, which describes the people who are very outgoing and interact with others to brainstorm a problem. The second type is the introvert, which describes the kind of person who prefers to brainstorm on their own and reflects on the problem by themselves. The best way to work with introverted people is to give them space and time on their own to think about ideas or meeting topics in advance so they can prepare themselves for the task at hand. Providing them with a quiet work space can be beneficial so they do not feel overwhelmed and are unable to do the work they need to accomplish. During meetings, ask your introvert employees about their opinion on the topic and do not let other employees talk over them. Let them speak their mind and get out any ideas they might have.

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