Thursday, April 4, 2013

Cut Overhead With Part-Time Employees

The traditional nine-to-five work day may have its benefits, but looking from the company’s viewpoint a part-time employee might have its own advantages. Hiring someone who would permanently work as a part-time employee is better than hiring a temporary employee who would just work for a day or two when you need them. With a part-timer, they can be more flexible with hours and yet still be committed to your business because they know they will be working for you in the future. They are usually needed to fill in the odd hours needed for businesses that work long days or those are open 24 hours a day. These part-time employees are typically students that are willing to work in spare hours when they are not in class and do not mind working for a lower wage. College students are willing to work late nights to help pay for their tuitions, and do not mind working late because they have experienced pulling all-nighters studying for exams.
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