Tuesday, April 9, 2013

4 Reasons Telecommuting Can Be Bad for Business

The downfall of having employees working from home is they can be distracted with the environment they surround themselves with and not be fully committed to accomplishing what they need to for work. Some new ideas for a product come up during a casual conversation between workers, and if employees are trying to work from home they would not be able to come up with these ideas with other workers in the office. By not being in the office, an employee could miss an important meeting that could have everyone in the company working on a completely new project and the missing worker could be wasting time working on a product no longer relevant to the company. Working together in the office creates a sense of teamwork and helps coworkers bond to make decisions everyone can agree on. This development of teamwork is essential for new ideas, accomplishing tasks for the business, and also to make the workplace enjoyable for each employee.

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