Monday, March 11, 2013

Letting an Employee Go

Unfortunately, within a business there occasionally comes a time when you have an employer who lacks the needs of your company and they need to be let go. Firing someone is not an easy task but sometimes it has to be done. To help this process go smoother you need to make sure you are prepared. Being prepared to sit down with your employer and explain why they are being let go is a key factor. Employees will expect reasons and explanations why they are being fired so you must know what you are going to say before even meeting with the employee. Also, the employee should never be surprised that they are getting fired. There must be written or verbal warnings indicating that there have been specific problems with this individual. Always remember that even though this is a very difficult task to do, it will benefit your company. If a person is not meeting the expectations of the job, it can hurt your company.
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