Friday, March 8, 2013

How to Handle Emotional Outbursts at Work

You cannot help but have those days when your emotions feel like they have gotten the best of you. You might feel frustrated because something did not turn out the way you had planned or maybe an employee comes to you crying because their dog had passed away that morning. Whatever the case, it is a human reaction to let our emotions out and express them. It is important to channel your emotions so that they do not affect your work and your overall performance. Giving a lot of attention to a crying employee might not be the best decision. It is acceptable to ask if they are alright and able to continue working. If they do not want to be comforted and cannot continue at work, send them home for the day. It is better to have less attention on their situation because it could be personal and they might not feel comfortable talking about it in a professional setting such as the office.
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