Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Preparing Your Small Business for the Future

With the Presidential election coming in a few weeks, small businesses all across the nation should begin preparing for any kind of change towards the future of our economy. Steve McKee from Businessweek presents “Three Economic Scenarios Marketers Should Plan for Now.” In this article, McKee proposes whether your business would be prepared for a sudden boost in the economy, “if your business relies on people more than technology, your biggest marketing challenges are likely recruitment and retention. How would you need to adjust if you were to expand 20 percent next year? Do you have a steady stream of qualified applicants whom you could bring on quickly to serve customer demand?” Questions like these are a few of the many McKee asks in this article to keep you better aware of a sudden change to our economy and how it could potentially affect your small business. Feel free to read the full article on their website, here.