Thursday, October 25, 2012

Networking For More Success

Entrepreneurs should always be looking forward towards different ventures in order to expand and progress their business. In order to find different opportunities for yourself you need to be open to creating new relationships. Kathryn Minshew recent wrote an article for the Harvard Business Review emphasizing these points. She writes, “Nearly everything I've accomplished in the past two years, from speaking on CNN to watching my company cross 1.7 million users in less than a year, can be directly traced back to connections.”

Minshew’s article, “Never Say No to Networking” provides many different pointers on branching out to different connections. Midway through the reading, she encourages us to “Always say yes to invitations, even if it's not clear what you'll get out of the meeting.” Minshew insists throughout the article that these small steps could end up bringing you to the connection you’ve been searching for. To read this article, click here.