Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Curfew on Work-Related E-mails?

Ethics in different business environments can sometimes vary depending on the guidelines set forth by the leaders. When it comes to working outside of the clock, several employees feel it’s no big deal to actively exchange work-related e-mails with their bosses after work. There are also the majority of businesses that don’t follow such a practice, and patiently wait until the following day to continue communicating.

Michelle Singletary is a writer for the Washington Post and contributes to the Boston Globe an article entitled, “Should there be a curfew on work-related e-mails?” The article dives into the different opinions offered by employers who are both for, and against e-mailing after work hours. In one sequence, Singletary asks some of her readers how they feel about employees who don’t e-mail after their work shift, ““I would never hire an employee who isn’t willing to check their e-mails after work and sometimes work on weekends.” Such a harsh assertion is actually how many employers feel in this modern world that heavily relies on technology each passing day. To read more from this article, click here.