Tuesday, October 2, 2012

America’s Most-Inspiring Companies

In a recent article written last week by Jacquelyn Smith for Forbes magazine, she unveils “America’s 25 Most Inspiring Companies.” Forbes was able to publish this list with the help of Performance Inspired Inc., who conducted a 2,175-person survey to help identify these companies.

Leading off the top 25 is Apple Inc., which can be no surprise to many with their booming success in the past decade. Second and third on the list are the two retail heavyweights: Walmart and Target. Most of the companies on this list may have started off as small businesses, but are more than recognizable today through their uniqueness to inspire a huge base of consumers. Huge favorites such as Starbucks (No. 8) and Coca-Cola (No. 10) also made this list. To take a look at the list by Forbes, click here.