Friday, September 21, 2012

Four Ways to Use Pinterest as a Marketing Tool

Millions of business minds don’t have the slightest clue what Pinterest is, or what impact it’s having as a business marketing tool. Pinterest is website that allows its users to share their images in a worldwide platform. Small businesses can benefit from this social outlet by publishing their own ideas and campaigns to their profile and becoming active with other clients and businesses that lie in Pinterest. Jason Falls, a writer for, believes the photo-sharing site is a growing source for many small businesses for years to come, even for those who aren’t all too “visually stimulating.”

One of the beneficial aspects of Pinterest includes its ability to steer different people to see your businesses’ website. Falls goes on to say, “Sure, posting pictures that people re-pin, comment on or "like" may seem innocuous. But when you realize the source of the pin remains as a hyperlink on the photo itself, the possibility of driving people to your website becomes apparent.” In his article, he cites four creative ways small business are effectively using Pinterest to boost their online presence. Check out the article here.