Friday, July 13, 2012

Where is the Optimism?

Going into an election year, consumers and businesses alike have various viewpoints and areas of optimism in attempting to turn around a what has been in general, a poor economic time. 1,067 small business owners were surveyed about their optimism for the coming year. Younger business owners were more likely to expect growth, with 85% of those aged 32 years or younger feeling optimistic about the coming year. That percentage declined as the age of those surveyed increased. Something to say about youthful optimism? Also in the survey, business owners were asked about social media. A whopping 39% of business owners said social media would be their PRIMARY part of their marketing strategy, and another 26% said social media is now more than half of their marketing. What does this survey tell us? That many people still haven't given up on their business, and are shifting to the low cost of social media to market their product or services. Click here to feel the optimism.