Wednesday, July 4, 2012

9 Things To Know Before Starting A Business

In our next post (to be posted 7/6/12) we are going to discuss the seven aspects of a small business that any entrepreneur needs to consider before diving in. However, before those seven aspects are even considered, what do you need to do to begin thinking about opening up or running your own business? discusses 9 ideas with its readers that entrepreneurs should know before deciding whether or not to consider before beginning. This directly relates to the article we found from about the aspects to be considered.

So, what are these 9 Ideas you ask? They are:

  1. Write a Business Plan
  2. Be Prepared to Work Hard
  3. Raise Some Capital -- But Not Too Much
  4. Always Advertise
  5. Don't Hire Friends
  6. Watch the Discounts
  7. Be Willing to Go Above and Beyond
  8. DON'T Take So Many Darn Risks
  9. Be Yourself
To read more about these 9 ideas, follow this link here!