Saturday, June 16, 2012

Strength in Numbers

In any business, teamwork is crucial. As an entrepreneur, a business owner, and the one who assembles a team, you must know what you're looking for, and who to hire that possesses these skills.

As Peter Schutz says, one should "hire character. Train skill." 

You can’t do everything yourself, so you’re only helping yourself by hiring a team to do a plethora of tasks that you may not be able to do (or even want to do).

As team leader, it’s your responsibility to hire good team oriented employees.  If an employee is more inclined to work in a group, then it will be easier to have them not only work with others, but work well with other.  However, don’t hire the same people; hire people who have different opinions, different perspectives -- people who come from different walks of life.  That way they can bring their own ideas and experiences to the table.  If all team members have the same idea, then there’s no point in having a team.
Remember the team acronym:  Together Everyone Achieves More.