Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Predicting Your Profits

We all have what we think are "genius ideas"; however, turning those ideas into a start-up business -- one that is going to succeed is harder than you think. Many small business owners miss a vital step in the start-up process, and that is talking with potential customers before opening their doors to the public. 

You're probably thinking: Why would I talk to my potential customers before I open my doors? How is this going to help me? Will they even really know what my product or service is or does?

And these are all great questions, but the answers to them lie within your customers. Talk to friends, family members, and others in your community who could potentially benefit from your product or service. Hear what they have to say and see their reactions. Ask questions and listen to their answers. 

For more information on how talking to people can help you run a successful start-up, read more here in the article from Entrepreneur.