Monday, May 7, 2012

Not quite there yet

Not every small business succeeds and not every entrepreneur has good ideas.  When choosing to start a small business, more often than not, there are many more factors against success than for it.  Some people are able to do it, others are not.  It takes a good understanding of your own skills and tendencies to find the solution that will work.  You have to ask yourself why you are opening a business.  Do you want to have a business because it just seems the next step?  Have people around you been saying that you should open one?  How long are you going to have the business, long enough to pass on to your children or only as long as you feel like putting in the effort?
Some of these questions and others are highlighted in an article from  There is no shame in looking into starting a small business and deciding not to.  Perhaps in time as your situation changes it may turn out to be a more successful venture.  Having more information and an honest outlook can only help you.  A new business can rapidly turn into a nightmare and no one needs to go through it.