Friday, May 11, 2012

Not just Facebook

There is more to social media than just Facebook.  It may be widely used and known but that does not mean that it fits every situation.  There are many other services for social media and they are not all just for fun.  Linkedin for example, is meant to provide a social network for the professional. What that means is that there is typically less of the 'Isn't this the cutest kitten you've ever seen?' and more 'Let's do some business.' sense to it. While Linkedin can be used to look for a job or post jobs, that is not the only features available.  

Think of the site almost as though it were a professional index where you can keep track of connections that you can make deals with.  Even if you already have a job, being visible to other professionals in your field or other local businesses can lead to better communication.  Companies exist on the site as well, with their own page where information of how to contact some of the leaders of the business exists.  This can also raise your credibility with the community as people from inside and out can find out how your business relates to others.

Of course, like all social media, you have to make a decision whether or not you want to open that particular can of worms.  It will have to be kept up, with updated information and changes marked.  It is another avenue of communication that you will have to monitor to see if anyone contacts you directly.  You can also pay extra to see other people's profiles and communicate with them.  Imagine if you could track down the perfect person with the experience that you need them to already have and offer them a job with your company.  These are all within the realm of possibility when you are online but perhaps Linkedin can make it all easier for you.