Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Join the app crowd

Apps are short for applications.  They usually are the ones which are used on modern smartphones.  They can be as simple as a shortcut to a website to as complex as a way to order from a retailer.  You may not think that as a small business owner that creating one for your own business might be too much to handle.  The application is usually written by a programmer that can understand and break down what you want to do on the phone but that might not be true.
According to an article from, Apple will be providing tools for non-programmers to create and manage their own apps.  There will still most likely be a learning curve to creating an app, but it is still planned to be simpler than what has previously been available.  While not every business might not have the products or services to need an app, it is still a possibility.  The apps may not even be limited to giving to customers or clients, it is possible to create an app which could be used in-house for employees on the go.

So far these future features will be for Apple, so they will only work for Apple products but there is always a chance that an Android or Windows version may be released.