Wednesday, April 25, 2012

You're reading one, now you try

You may have wondered about starting a company blog.  It is not very hard, you are reading from one right now.  The largest part may be consistency.  How does you company show that they have consistency?  You can look forward to new blogs and new ideas showing up online on a regular basis.  If you have ever had an interest in a blog that posts, you may remember each day to check it, to see what new topic or idea is out that day.

This is not just for people who like to write.  A blog can take on many different forms, with pictures, videos and text but it conveys the ideas on a regular schedule.  A blog can offer a history.  When looking back at the previous posts of this blog you can see and feel the changes which have taken place.  There are even times where you can see that a different writer took over the blog.  It all collects to show the nature of the business.

Perhaps what you can look for in your company is a way to show how information evolves over time.  In an article from Fox Small Business, it talks about how to start your own blog.  There are many different reasons to start and only one you should keep in mind.  What is the spirit of your business. If you have any questions about starting a blog for your company please contact us for more information.

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