Monday, April 16, 2012

You're the boss

Imagine this as a session of a leadership seminar.  Seated with hundreds of other people you learn how to take a commanding role when leading your business.  Your employees look to you for the guidance to know how the business will act and sometimes how not to act.  You are still a person and running a business can sometimes be hard but you still have to be able to stand up and go to work each day.  Imagine if you could impress that on your employees.
In an article from they talk about not just being the leader of the business but being a charismatic leader as well.  Each time your business needs a decision made, you will have to be the one to be confident enough to decide what move to make.  It may not seem an easy task but most people are not born to be leaders, they have to build on their experiences and be willing to adapt to the situation.

The entire article from can be found here.