Tuesday, April 17, 2012

U.S. – Colombia Free Trade Agreement

Under the U.S.–Colombia FTA which enters into force in 2012, U.S. agricultural exports, such as high-quality beef, wheat, soybeans, apples, pears, peaches, cherries, and the vast majority of processed products will receive immediate duty-free treatment.  Within defined quotas (duty-free tariff rate quotas-TRQ’s), standard beef, chicken leg quarters, dairy products, corn, sorghum and animal feeds may be imported from the US. Other exports such as fertilizers, agro-chemicals, information technology equipment, medical & scientific equipment, and wood will also gain immediate duty-free access to Colombia.

The Colombian government has created an ambitious program to update its infrastructure by 2014 by improving roads, airports and ports.  Therefore, the need for construction equipment, road safety equipment, as well as auto parts and services such as engineering, construction, and bridge design will be in demand. Colombia’s need for oil and gas grow, as the Colombian government continues to place oil and gas exploration and production as a top priority.

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