Friday, April 20, 2012

Sell it - Elevator Pitches

At one point or another, you will probably be in the situation that you have to explain the plan behind your business, your products or your services to someone else.  This may not be a person that you have even met before the day of your meeting.  They may be from a completely different walk of life than you but you still have to be able to translate it into terms that they are going to understand.  You want them to buy it, use it or finance it and you will have to make the presentation highlight how it is going to benefit them.
In an article from they talk about 'How to perfect your elevator pitch.'  The name, elevator pitch, makes sense.  You want to translate general information as quickly as you can without overloading the recipient.  You do not want them to 'get off of the elevator' before they have reached the floor that you are on.

Check out the article on to see how you can improve your speaking skills.