Thursday, April 5, 2012

Neither Rain Nor Snow...

Mail, known less affectionately as snail mail, is on the decline, both in terms of sending and receiving.  Post offices have been in financial trouble for the past few months (or years, even) leading to some of them closing their doors for good, costing several postal workers their jobs.  However, some, if not most, are still staying afloat.  If you still want to stay in contact with your customers via snail mail, then there are still some ways to optimize your outgoing mail.

Even though email is gaining prominence, a lot of people still use snail mail, so a well placed letter, post card, or even a coupon could do wonders for your business, as well as your reputation.  Communication is key, and since one’s email inbox can get crowded easily, a physical envelope might just prove to be beneficial, thoughtful, and can help you overcome the competition.

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