Wednesday, April 4, 2012

KU SBDC Attends Plumb Line Physical Therapy Grand Opening

Heidi Grubb and Stacey Brown
On March 24, the Kutztown Small Business Development Center (KU SBDC) was happy to attend the grand opening of Plumb Line Physical Therapy in Douglassville, Pa.

The new owners of the Plumb Line Physical Therapy, Stacey Brown and Heidi Grubb, welcomed friends and family to come and enjoy food, conversation and a tour of the new business.

The families and friends of both owners had been very active in helping set up the location and many of them continued showing their support by attending the grand opening.  Brown and Grubb had originally met at another physical therapy facility after Grubb’s father had suffered a stroke and required rehabilitation.  Brown was one of the therapists for Grubb’s father and the two met and became friends.

“There are times where I don’t remember something and I call to Stacey: ‘Do you remember that?’  She always remembers what I forget.  We really complement each other well,” Grubb spoke about her relationship with her fellow owner, Brown.

To help promote the grand opening, the new owners offered door prizes.  Some of the prizes were donated from other local businesses, including from a Panera Bread location in Easton.

The design choices, how the facility would look and would be decorated, were made by Brown.  One attendee jokingly said, “If this doesn’t work out she is going to work as an interior designer!”  Many of the guests were seeing the finished facility for the first time and Brown was happy to give tours of the rooms.  In addition to the aesthetic choices, there were various rock sculptures from Levan Stone Art decorating the office.  Handmade baskets, woven by Brown’s mother, also decorated the facility.

Brown started the tour with a small image in the waiting room of the Plumb Line Physical Therapy logo, a stylized plumb bob.

Many guests attended the grand opening.
“Our business motto is ‘Helping you find center’ so our logo is the plumb bob,” explained Brown to each tour group.  Grubb’s husband had created the final design for the logo after getting feedback from Grubb and Brown.  The small portrait on the wall included nearly three dozen different prototype logos surrounding the final design which incorporates the letters “P L P T”, the initials of the business, into the design.

The facility had taken five days to paint, with family and friends driving as far as two hours to help.  Brown’s mother also will be working from the location.  She is a licensed massage therapist and has a dedicated massage room.

Also attending the event was State Senator Judy Schwank, senator of the Pennsylvania’s 11th district.  The Plumb Line Physical Therapy location is not technically within the senator’s district but she wished to show her support to the new business.

“I wanted to come to support small business, everything we can do, we need to do.” said Senator Schwank when asked about the business.  Senator Schwank had originally been contacted by the SBDC to come support the small business during its grand opening.

James Hufford, Business Services Manager of Diamond Credit Union, also attended the grand opening and was honored with holding one end of the ribbon cut for the grand opening.  Hufford worked through Diamond Credit Union to help Brown and Grubb secure funding for the business.

“They’ve been open for several weeks, getting the bugs out.  This is a great event to give the business a real shot in the arm.  Having two owners with different abilities such as them is a real asset.”  Hufford said when asked about the grand opening.

When Grubb was asked why she and her business partner chose Douglassville for their business location, she responded, “I knew Douglassville and I went to Daniel Boone (school district) but mostly we just Googled it.  We looked for how far away we were from another physical therapy location.  We had some idea where to go but the Kutztown SBDC really helped out to confirm the demographic in the area.”
On March 27, Ian Roth of the Kutztown SBDC spoke about his interactions with Plumb Line Physical Therapy on Berks County Television.