Friday, April 6, 2012

A kick in the...

If you have not heard of it, there is a site called Kickstarter.  The site specializes in helping projects and companies open their financing to the internet.  Prospective clients pitch their ideas in an explanation and video of how they are going to make something or do something.  Visitors are encouraged to send money to the clients to do what they say they will.  These projects accept money for a set amount of time and try to reach their goal of financial backing.  

If the project is not funded in time, then it does not happen and the charges for the money are dropped.  It is a relatively low-risk way to get funding or support a project.  Some projects have  had a landslide of backing, others do not.  The biggest draw to entice backers is the rewards.  The rewards vary from project to project and may be as small as a piece of the completed item to a hand in its creation.

An article from talks about tips for raising money on Kickstarter.  These can range from proper planning to proper awards.  Since there is a reduced risk, if your project does not turn out to be as popular as you would have liked, you can try out different ideas and see what will work.