Wednesday, April 4, 2012

How new is your newsletter?

Newsletters probably appear constantly in your email inbox. Sites you've signed up to order from, listen to and browse while you are on the computer constantly send new ones. Some are even weekly to see what you are looking at. That is the purpose of a newsletter in an email. Every link, every click is registered with the creator of the newsletter. It helps track and see how many people are watching them and what their interests are.

 If you are using a newsletter, you probably have looked at those stats and tried to figure out how you can get more clicks on your newsletter items. You have a subscriber listing of thousands, why is your newsletter not being followed?

 It may be that it is time to re-invent your newsletter. There are a lot of points to consider when taking on the ambitious project. How is your newsletter formatted? Is it just a column of pictures, text and links? If you are not working from a template or a design you've found, it may be time to start. What colors are you using? Do they match your company or did you just choose them because they looked good together?

 Now that you have a few questions to get you thinking, there is an article from Hubspot Blog which talks about some other considerations. It may seem effortless to send out an email, but do you want to get the most out of it?

 You can read the entire article from Hubspot Blog here.