Friday, April 27, 2012

Google analytics

Google Analytics.  The word may not mean much to you.  Basically, it is the concept of tracking how people use your links.  Those links can exist on a webpage, a blog or even a Tweet.  It is about checking traffic.  You always want to get as much traffic as you are able to.  This does not mean physically standing in traffic and watching it go by, it is seeing how many people online stop at your various items online.  It is like having a rest stop off of the highway.  You want to know how many people are getting off to visit your stop, where they are from and from that data, how you can better serve them.

The better served they are, the more likely that they will tell others or lead others to stop at the same place to get the same service or better.  Google analytics are obviously a part of Google, which keeps massive amounts of data on all the traffic that goes through their searches and sites.  Every time you use Google to find something online, you are giving them a piece of data that goes into determining who you are and what you like.  Did you ever notice how advertisements on webpages are something you like or something that relates to you?  That can be because of the data traffic.

This is something that can be useful online.  If you are considering to use social media or are curious about what your impact is online, then you probably want to take the time to look at Google analytics.  An article from gives the basics of how to use the feature and start recognizing the effect that your online presence has.  You may be surprised, you may be dismayed but it is still more information about how the world wide web sees your business.  The article may be a bit more technical than what you are accustomed to, but take the time to look at it and ask some questions.

You can find the article from here.