Monday, April 23, 2012

Drive them, not away, but to your website

One of the first purposes of the internet was for information.  Millions could find the same information as everyone else, allowing knowledge to spread.  Nowadays, when we talk about getting online, most likely that is  to use one of the social media sites or to look for something to buy.  There is still a lot of information but there may be trouble finding it.  It has been recommended that ever business have an online presence, even if it was just a small page so people can find the business.  If you do a Google search of our location, Kutztown, Pa. there are very few businesses on our main street that have anything online.

In days past, websites were basically all there was online.  Now they have become through-ways out to social media and back.  The question is:  How do you get visitors?

In an article from Fox Small Business, the author talks about how to modify your website to draw readers in.  This can be hard depending on your business.  While not only being a social media signpost, your site needs to be your site.  It has to show off your business's originality, services and most of all, you.