Saturday, April 7, 2012

Are the numbers worth it?

There is always a sense of satisfaction when another person chooses to Like your page.  It is one more person that you hope to keep long enough to pick up several of the people they are friends with.  Then, you want to pick up their friends and so on.  The number of Likes rises, but is there any additional interaction?  As an article from Fox Small Businesses, the number does not matter as much as the change in perception.

One of the new realities of social media is that a company, small business, anything, can only grow as fast as people are willing to talk about it.  The business could have already flooded the area with advertisements and marketing hooks to get new contacts with little results.  The article says that making current contacts happy enough to have them communicate their Likes with their other connections on their own will work better.  This is a new strategy towards getting business to the business.  Previously, using a metaphor, the net was cast very wide to try and catch as much business as possible to counter what swam through.  Now the net can expand itself as far as it needs to go.