Saturday, March 31, 2012

You can do it, maybe you can teach it too

It is wrong to say that simply because you know how to do something, you should not take the time to teach it to others. According to Fox Small, some small businesses are turning towards teaching a new skill to increase business exposure. This may not mean that you are going to give away trade secrets of your business but learning a new skill can be fun as long as it is done properly.

 There are various options to consider, just as you would for any other small business plans. You may have to look at the amount of space that you have available, how much of that can be used to teach in? If you have a storefront, there may not be enough room. What would you teach them? There are various learning types, reading, listening, doing. A combination of all three will be most successful because everyone is different but a hands-on approach will probably get the most attention. How would you get materials for the class? Students most likely would not want to bring everything with them. If you decided to make the costs of the materials included in the class people would be able to come with nothing, making it easier to stop in for a quick class. These are just some suggestions. Depending on what you would like to teach, they are all going to have a different outcome and challenges.

 You can read the entire article from Fox Small Business here.