Friday, March 2, 2012

There could be an app for that

Smartphones have proliferated everywhere.  The rallying call of: "There's an app for that." has led developers to create apps that are useful for everyday life to apps that just waste time.  Finding ones that work for small business is hard sometimes, as the lines between what is work and what is for fun sometimes run together.

This is where AppDirect has chosen to try to help out.  One of the problems with having so many apps is that there may only be a few on your phone which really do what you need them to.  AppDirect is working towards being the site where small businesses can come get apps that are relevant towards them.  Better timekeeping, scheduling, payroll, customer databases, all of these are possible.  While not only providing a place to get new apps, they are working towards developing their own.

Need to contact suppliers and schedule a meeting?  Well, there could be an app for that.

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