Saturday, March 10, 2012

Technology not your thing?

A new phone, a new feature, a new website.  Trying to keep up with the changing technology can be a chore.  Your one employee just got a new phone.  They have learned how to use it and now suddenly they are responsible for teaching everyone how to use their phones the same way.  In a small business, sometimes you only choose to grow as you find a new direction to do so.  

Having one person be responsible for all of the technology in your business with it not being their job to do so can cause strain on that person and simply because they know how to use one piece of technology does not mean that they necessarily have the knowledge to use it all.  You should take the time to learn and allow your employees to learn more about technology.  There are options for small business that can help spread information or make the technology available easier.  

Since the start of cloud computing (that is a program that is not necessarily completely loaded on a computer, the program functions over the internet) simpler versions of Office software are available for a monthly fee.  They do not allow as many features as a full program but it may be all that you need.  An article from Fox Small Business talks about the 'accidental' IT employee, the person who ends up with the responsibilities of keeping the technology in the company alive.  The suggestions they offer are getting other programs which may be simpler to use and if needed hire outside IT help.

If you would like to take the time to learn how to use a program on your own you could take a class, read a book on it or use an online video training site like

You can read the entire article on Fox Small Business here.