Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Social Media Security

Social media is open to the full power of the internet.  This is not something that is under the control of one individual or group.  It can move and flow in many different directions.  Sometimes not in the way that it was intended.  There are entire pages dedicated to how images, words and video online can go in a direction that no one ever anticipated.

Unfortunately, some people work to take control of content.  This is not as blatant as hacking a website so that they have full control of everything, this is creating comments which lead to undesirable sites.  The last thing you want a link on your blog to link to is a con.  Most of the time, if you choose to moderate comments you can get ahead of  these problems.  This blog itself is comment moderated to make sure that even responses which are positive are not there to promote another site with questionable content.  It is impossible to be prepared for everything that could happen, but being more informed can help.

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